Saturday, July 10, 2010

BRONXNET "OPEN" T.V. Interview

A couple of month ago Ray Felix and myself did an interview for a local public access T.V show called OPEN on BRONXNET. We did the show and had a great time. We got interview by T.V show host Rhina Valentin. She was real cool, her staff made sure we where both comfortable in front of the T.V cameras. It was an experience i won't forget. Personally, that was my 1st ever T.V interview, I believe this was also Ray Felix 1st T.V interview ever? Hopefully, it won't be our last at BRONXNET. We might possibly do a BRONXNET comic book show soon. but, that's a secret for now. So check us out online, I will be posting the actual T.V episode shortly.

P.S Thanks to BCA for arranging the interview, Michael Max Knobbe for approving it and Rhina Valentin amazing assistance Nanci Skii Rosa for making sure everything ran smooth. Thanks a million guys!

Gary Camp

Check out the photos of us on the set...Ray Felix looks nervous!

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