Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The 2010 East Coast Black Age of Comics Con @ Philly.

Hello everyone, it’s me again, promoting and marketing currents events, get used to it everyone…I am here to get the word out. Back in June, Myself and fellow comic artist Carl Cee Kent attended the “East Coast Black Age of Comics Con” in Philly.
The event was a remarkable show, it wasn’t your typical small press comic con with unknown artist and money hungry vendors, the show instead was a show that was full of good spirit artists and creators and zero vendors. A great idea on the part of the organizers for excluding vendors, they do take’s away from the small press artist in selling their books.
At the event. I felt the show message was about the supporting Indy artists and their works of arts. Furthermore, I didn’t sense any type of negative tension at the show, everyone at the show came to see and support Indy comic book artists. This show was an eye opener for me on how you could promote an event to a selective market and still celebrate and recognize  comic book creators as an important element in the art field. I want to give a big shot out to my brother’s at Xion studios my Philly connections for putting me on to the cool Philly Indy artist scene. Also, Alex Simmons for conducting the very informative workshop, it was great to see you again sharing your knowledge with us. Finally, the best moment at the event was meeting up with YUMY ODOM FOUNDER OF ECBACC the organizer of this important event & super thanks for sharing with me the importance of an event this magnitude, and it’s purpose to the community and young aspiring artists all over. That’s all for now! Enjoy the photos.

Gary Camp
Creative One Comics


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