Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dream Sequence 2009 Gallery Exhibition

Dream Sequence: “ Where all things are imaginary yet real.”

This is a look at the show we had at Longwood Art Gallery from March 4th through May 9th 2009. This event was a huge success and was curated by Ray Felix along with Juanita Lanzo from the Longwood Art Gallery. Finally this entire show would have not been possible without the support of our friends at the Bronx Council on the Arts. Thanks Bill Aguado for all your support and also i want to shout out Juanita Lanzo, Kim Vaquedano and finally Vanessa Gonzalez for their patience and support.

Thanks a million guys...can't wait for our second show in 2010?

Gary Camp
Creative One Production

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Dream Sequence Opening Reception Two

Join Ray and Jeff as they discuss life, art, wine, politics, religion and the subjective nature of reality. Filmed at The gallery at Hostos Community College, Bronx, New York on Wednesday, April 1 2009...enjoy!

TMR TV - NYC Comic Con interview with Justin Murphy and Ray Felix

Catch Da Craze Tv Presents Bronx Heroes at the NY Comic Con

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bronx Heroes # 2 Available only on indyplanet.

Hello, everyone out there in cyber world, if anyone is  interested in purchasing a copy of Bronx Heroes 
issue #2 you could go to indyplanet and purchase a 
copy or two from them...Thanks
Gary Camp
Creative One Comics

Bronx Heroes # 1 Available Only Online!

Hello everyone out there in cyber world, if anyone is interested in purchasing a copy of Bronx Heroes issue # 1 you could go to comixpress and purchase a copy. Thanks
Gary Camp
Creative One Comics

The Bronx Heroes Comic Book

From the creative minds of Ed Mouzon, Gary Camp, and Ray Felix comes “Bronx Heroes” a three part mini series featuring stories from four generations of crime fighters. Our series begins with the legend of Jonas Bronck and his apparent pact with the Native Indians and for generations heroes  emerge from this union.
The 1st story starts in New York City around the slave-trading period, featuring “The Runaway Slave” as he struggles to gain he’s freedom from his captors and his restless search for his beloved family. The 2nd tale deals with an immigrant boxer turned crime fighter known as “The Brawler” we see our hero fighting crime and also trying to survive during the great depression.
From the depression era to the turbulent 1970’s of South Bronx, we introduced a Vietnam veteran who 's only goal is to straighten out his old neighborhood, readers we witness his  transformation into a militant hero named “Brother Bx”. Finally rounding up the series we have the vigilante anti-hero  only known as “BX” who will introduce readers to the violent underbelly of the Bronx. We hope readers will enjoy reading the many journeys through out the decades of the Bronx Heroes.
Stories By Ed Mouzon, Gary Camp and Ray Felix
Art by Ed Mouzon, Gary Camp, Ray Felix
Art by Luis Sierra and Edwin Shan
Covers by Gary Camp and Ray Felix

Friday, August 21, 2009

Welcome to the Creative One Comics blog

Cartoonists Collective in the comic book field our group is composed of illustrators, writers, graphic artists, painters and professional cartoonists. As a unit we feel it is our responsibility to bring together different kinds of artist in creating visual stories for a broader audience. Through visual storytelling we bring a sense of awareness and empowerment to our collaborations and personal works.
Is our belief of opening doors and giving opportunities to lesser known cartoonists and illustrators in our community which will help to foster a new generation of artists who would introduce an urban perspective lacking in most mainstream comic books stories.
The goal of Creative One Comics is to bring together as many different artistic perspectives in creating original and well-written stories that can be seen and read by today's generation. Every artist involved in our vision will play a pivotal role in making our company a strong collective of artists.
Please enjoy.
Creative One Comics
Gary Camp and Ed Mouzon