Friday, August 21, 2009

Welcome to the Creative One Comics blog

Cartoonists Collective in the comic book field our group is composed of illustrators, writers, graphic artists, painters and professional cartoonists. As a unit we feel it is our responsibility to bring together different kinds of artist in creating visual stories for a broader audience. Through visual storytelling we bring a sense of awareness and empowerment to our collaborations and personal works.
Is our belief of opening doors and giving opportunities to lesser known cartoonists and illustrators in our community which will help to foster a new generation of artists who would introduce an urban perspective lacking in most mainstream comic books stories.
The goal of Creative One Comics is to bring together as many different artistic perspectives in creating original and well-written stories that can be seen and read by today's generation. Every artist involved in our vision will play a pivotal role in making our company a strong collective of artists.
Please enjoy.
Creative One Comics
Gary Camp and Ed Mouzon

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